Warming the Stone Artist

To highlight the therapeutic power of creativity

When you look for the person inside do you see a living, vibrant being or has your creative side been calcified and turned to stone by the ‘White Witch’. In The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe it is Aslan who miraculously revives the statues and infuses them with life.

For over a decade, at the beginning of the twentieth-first century, when the internet was still a relatively unchartered region, the Soul Food Cafe reached out, promoting the therapeutic benefits of making art and writing a daily practice. It strove to warm the stone artist

The huge vault of material that is available at Soul Food remains a testament to the power of creativity to connect and heal. The purpose of this catalogue is to celebrate the work of Heather Blakey, to explore and discover just what lay within this vast site that few have fully navigated.