For Lemurian Adventurers

Where is Lemuria?

Lemuria was purported to be the southern continent that sunk beneath the seas when a cataclysmic event happened millions of years ago. But Lemuria never remained submerged. It has risen again and today you can work with Heather Blakey, the webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe and help populate the remnants of this ancient land.


You can discover populated parts of Lemuria by working through this catalogue and work collaboratively within a magical, technological garden. This is an opportunity to work in a vibrant, artistic, cyber colony.


This comprehensive Web 2.0 Calendar has been designed by Heather Blakey to encourage members of Soul Food to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The objectives of this program are to encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies. Work through this calendar and you will become familiar with blogging and learn how to make the most of collaborative blogs like the Catalogue of Creativity.


The Catalogue Weblog is the vault where Lemurians who are added as USERS can share their work within Lemuria.

Books, supplies and talismans

To purchase bags, talismans and resources for the journey please make sure to use the associated page at Squidoo to ensure that any revenue comes directly to Soul Food to support the next edition of the Creativity Cataloge

Lemurian Nature Store

Lemuria is an ancient world where you will discover that there is a fusion of Australian/European flowers. Lemurian Hermit, Imogen Crest, is preserving the timeless beauty of Lemuria in her Crest Hermitage store. Support Imogen, who supports Soul Food, by purchasing talismans of Lemuria today. Imogen also manages the Soul Food Cafe Store , which helps keep Soul Food free.