3. Introduction


The seeds were planted long, long ago, in a place far, far away.


I drew a door in the air,
A hobbit hole door
Into another world.

I heard a flute on the breeze,
A silver flute
Held by Le Enchanteur.

Like Pan, she calls,
And those who follow
Dance with every step.

And there are many steps,
The highways and byways
Of Lemuria are numerous.

Some will lead down,
To the endless shores
Where white-capped waves break.

Some will lead up,
To peaks of mountains
Where the air is like wine.

Some lead to a wondrous city,
The streets filled with
Colour, aroma and sound.

In this place, this Lemuria,
All roads lead to Le Enchanteur
You will find her wherever you go.

Lemuria is a woman,
Combing her hair in the sun
And singing her siren call

by Gail Kavanagh


The Soul Food Cafe was born ten years ago when Heather Blakey, who built it and went on to found Lemuria, suffered from ’starved creative soul’ syndrome. She began by writing “The Princess and the Muse”, ran “Writing for Well Being” courses and created the “House of the Muse”, a website that is now housed within the walls of the labyrinthine maze that is Soul Food.

Today, the Soul Food Cafe is an international group of writers and artists whose global mission is to promote writing and art-making as a daily practice, through the use of interactive web-based technologies, such as e-mail groups and blogging. The main website of the Soul Food Cafe provides a multitude of writing prompts and creativity stimuli and also serves as a portal to the series of blogs, collectively called “Lemuria”, where participants can post their creative works and responses to projects like this.

The first Lemurian forums were established in 2001 prior to Heather and Darryl Blakey leaving for a six-month tour of Europe. Heather had made a visual journal to record her travels to find ‘Ithaka’, the Greek home of Ulysses, made famous by Cavafy in a poem by that name. She created Lemuria as a place for those Soul Food participants who were left behind to journey and discover their own Ithaka. Heather had learned about Lemuria from her great grandfather, George Chale Watson, who wrote “The Mountaintops of Lemuria” in the late 1800’s, and decided that this lost continent was the perfect setting to create a sense of place in cyberspace.

The seed that was planted grew slowly but surely, and in 2005, long after her return from her pilgrimage to be with her muses, le Enchanteur (Heather’s online alter-ego) took a group of travellers through the portal and into the “Cave of the Enchantress”. It was all about guiding people and orientating them to the world of Soul Food, a non-linear world that is hard for some linear-thinking people to navigate.

As a result of these guided tours, the “Soul Food Silk Road” and “Lemurian AdvenTURE” calendars appeared to preserve the adventure that travellers experienced. This “Bumper Catalogue of Creativity” has emerged and is a special Soul Food feature which provides, not just creative stimuli, but a guide to using Soul Food to reinvent oneself. It is also a tool to populate the fantasy realm of Lemuria, a place people just love to retreat to.

The Catalogue provides a series of activities to accomplish all of this. This is a text with a difference. Use pages empty pages at the end of each section to write, scrapbook, keep a visual diary or collage. You can alter any page in any way you like. You can colour in, make notes, do what you like, really. It is your book now and no book police will come asking you what you are doing. Indeed, future explorers might just pay a King’s ransom to get hold of the record of your journey.

The thing that makes this Catalogue special is that it also acts as a passport, enabling you to not only access material online, but to participate and explore Lemuria with le Enchanteur and her faithful ravens. Of course, you can choose to only work within the safety of this Catalogue, or you can be adventurous and enter the world of cyber space and learn all about web logging in a community setting.

Enjoy the journey and discover your unique voice.
Your Passport


This Catalogue is, quite simply, a passport to Lemuria. All you need to do is contact Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe, by emailing her at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm. Provide an expression of interest,  and tell her that you are a member of WordPress (it’s free to join) and she will sign you in to the online Creativity Catalogue and any other Lemurian weblogs you wish to contribute to. Of course, you may not want to do any of this, and that is fine too. You can use this Catalogue as a private workbook and never tell another soul what you are doing in your free time.



  1. I’m not very computer literate, but would like to be involved in this journey

  2. hi…not sure what I’m doing here, but believe my soul led me to you. I have been on a spiritual journey for the last year looking for answers and was told by a psychic that I have a raven’s soul…but I have no idea what that means. He also mentioned Lemuria…if you have answers to my questions please let me know 🙂
    Thank you for your time, Christina

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