4. Inventing Yourself at Soul Food


Renewal and Reinvention

The Soul Food Cafe is propelled by a myth. The Princess and the Muse became the myth Heather Blakey lived by and The Soul Food Cafe is the place she retreats to in order to be with her Muse. Within the safety of The Soul Food Cafe Heather Blakey has renewed her creativity, reinvented and named herself. These days she wears her creativity on her sleeve!

The Princess in The Princess and the Muse experiences a depression which is familiar to many artists. Artists and writers who are made to feel worthless because they do not earn enough money, whom are forced to relinquish their creativity or create in stolen time, suffer similarly.

Mental darkness of the kind the Princess experiences creeps upon individuals gradually and unobtrusively. Many would be artists have been subject to a slow process of pasteurisation and calcification with rationalists systematically purifying the irrational, the primitive and the unwanted raw emotions.

The good news is that individuals who work within the Soul Food community come to understand that the creative flame is eternal and learn that when they engage in a cycle of renewal, they are able to reinvent themselves and discover new aspects of their creativity.

When Trendle Ellwood first introduced herself here at Soul Food Cafe, she never really named herself, but as time passed and she shared photographs of her private Lemuria, we all bore witness to her creative spirit blossoming. The not so secret garden, which you can enter on the Soul Food Cafe site, is a place of peace and tranquility. Trendle went on to write a book and grow gardens creatively in Ohio.

When Edwina Peterson Cross arrived at Soul Food Cafe, she described herself as a poet, a mother, a dancer, a dryad, a mountain spirit, and a disciple and cohort of the Muse; dwelling in the enchanted green hills of Southern Oregon. She told us that she has a spirit that has danced on a constant quest to come to terms with a body in chronic pain. Winnie revealed that she was a published writer, poet, and poetry editor for “Welcome Home” magazine. She is a self professed “lover of words and books; of laughter, language and learning; of fantasy, mystery, magic, and myth.”

And now?

Edwina Peterson Cross remains a poet, a mother, a dancer, a dryad, a mountain spirt, and a disciple and cohort of the Muse. What is interesting is that she has also become a painter.

To bear witness to the transformation that has taken place, make sure you view two of her galleries here at Soul Food Cafe. Discover Edwina Peterson Cross, wacom artist and creator of surrealist artwork.

Apart from Edwina you can meet and read about inspired individuals who, like Clarke Kent, have put on new garments and presented themselves differently.

When Monika Roleff arrived at Soul Food Cafe she had little idea that she would travel with Enchanteur, become Imogen Crest, the Hermit who oversees the Hermitage, or focus on nature photography. Her metamorphosis has been exciting, and she transformed further when she found “Belenus”, the donkey, and they set off together down the Serpentine Road when another group of dazed travellers appeared through the portal. Today she offers sanctuary for travellers at the “Hermitage” and offers information about the “Murmuring Woods”. These are two places that should not be missed.

Who will you become? What direction will Soul Food take you? How will your creativity evolve? What will your true voice sound like? What garments will fit most comfortably?

If you work regularly, within the safety of the life affirming Soul Food community, try on costumes and experiment, you can be sure that new artistic talent will emerge and be revealed. You can also be assured that when they do appear there will be many hands clapping.

Your Passport


This Catalogue is, quite simply, a passport to Lemuria. All you need to do is contact Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe, by emailing her at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm. Provide an expression of interest,  and tell her that you are a member of WordPress (it’s free to join) and she will sign you in to the online Creativity Catalogue and any other Lemurian weblogs you wish to contribute to. Of course, you may not want to do any of this, and that is fine too. You can use this Catalogue as a private workbook and never tell another soul what you are doing in your free time.


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