6. Where Is Lemuria?



“Lemuria is East of the mind and West of the heart. It is reached by packing light, leaving that bag of snakes behind and riding the flash stream of the imagination.”
– Quinn McDonald (c) 2007.



by Quinn McDonald


“Lemuria is the place
in the wide map of imagination
where we live together
sending our messages
into that far sphere
where thoughts are kept
– Fran Sbrocchi (c) 2007



When I discovered the Soul Food Cafe, little did I realize when I dipped my toe into the Lemurian pond that I was actually stepping into the Deep, being drawn through a portal into a virtual construct where I could write or make art in safety.

It has been postulated that Lemuria was a real place, somewhere in the Atlantic or somewhere in the South Pacific. It has been said that Lemuria is a myth representing our collective desires for a utopian existence. These theories may be true, but I believe Lemuria lies somewhere in between the physical and the mythical. For me, Lemuria is the geography of the creative realm that is within each individual. It is a metaphor for the spirit of the artist and writer.

The Soul Food Cafe is an on-line departure place where people from all over the world enter the safety of the Lemuria to write and make art. There is a niche for everyone in Lemuria – whether it be a virtual room at “Riversleigh Manor”, a private cell at the “Hermitage” for contemplation, or a noisy lounge in the “Taverna di Muse”. There’s even the “Temple of Solace” where we may share real-life pain and grief. No doubt there are other places in Lemuria waiting to be discovered and explored.

All one needs to get a passport to Lemuria is the committment to write or create on a daily basis. In my opinion, this is a small fare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Lori Gloyd (c) 2007

Resisting Enchanteur’s Call

“I suppose it would be asking too much for you to take off and leave me alone to carry on not writing? Not your style, not in your nature, very stubborn kind of an “enchanteur” really. How about I wave you over to my place? You don’t even have to open, or make some kind of magic door; you can just drop in any time, and unannounced. How does that sound? Am I rocking your boat with this one? Beg pardon? What’s that? Oh, yes, of course, your ship. Ship, boat, canoe, life raft, whatever, is this line of thinking rocking it? No. There you go then. Oh. There you don’t go – dearie me.

Good God woman, you’re bolshy. Stubborn as the day is long and more stubborn than your average mule. Come again? Mule? Yes I do know a mule, as it happens. Yes, I did go on a trek with one. Huh huh. Yep. I am willing to concede that it was more interesting than your average trip, on account of the fact that the mule could talk. Then again there are issues to be raised here, about the whole talking mule, bag of oddments, deranged macaws, and singing anchors extravaganza. I believe it was a product of my imagination and never actually happened. Sorry? You beg to differ? Your prerogative, differ away, differ to your heart’s content, but I’m telling you the whole thing never happened. I was sick, I was hallucinating, and if we both step up in front of an impartial judge, I reckon they’re going to drag you away, lady. If anyone asks me, did I take a trip with a talking mule or anything else of that nature, I’ll deny everything. Hey, I’ll go one better. I’ll deny it three times before the cockcrows and then invite him over for tea and biscuits. I truly believe that men in white coats and nurses with needles could be on your horizon. Are you seeing this by any chance? Are you capturing this in your mind’s eye? Does it look “enchanting”, or are you going to do a runner? You got that? You clear? No. Oh. I see. You’re not having it, and possess written evidence to prove that this journey really did happen. It was not a trick of the light, a psychotic episode, a direct result of dropping acid, or me being deranged. Well, I guess you would say that, because let’s face it; with a name like “Enchanteur”, you’re already on a sticky wicket. Sarcastic? Me? Never!

I need a drink, would you care to join me? No, it’s not made from the magic berries of the Lean and Dream tree in the Murmuring Woods. No, it does not contain tiny particles taken from the horn of a silver unicorn. No! I did not risk life and limb climbing to the top of some Far Away tree to pick every third leaf, which has restorative qualities beyond the ken of modern medicine. It’s Indian. Yes, Indian. In fact it’s Tetley one-cup tea in a bag, but I like mine really weak so I always manage to strain out two cups – is that a good deal, or is that a good deal? Herbal? No, never buy it, can’t stand the stuff. Chocolate chip cookie? Feel free to dunk. By the way, there’s a large, black bird pecking the window, with what looks like a letter in its beak. I suppose it’s too much to hope that it’s not calling on you. Raven calling? No. I do Avon calling, and that’s enough for me; if the glass breaks because it’s been pecked to smithereens, I want recompensing and not with a mystery item from your native homelands. Cash works for me.

What’s in the large bag? On second thoughts, don’t answer that. You want to show me your portal folio! Don’t you ever give up?

“I walked through there? I created it! Nah. Not me, Chanty. I’d have remembered.

Remember never to call you Chanty again or you will throw me head first off your boat…yacht…ship! No need to get touchy – and lady, remember this…you are in my dream. Gatecrasher!


Your Passport

“Creativity is creating something out of nothing by asking Big Questions”


This Catalogue is, quite simply, a passport to Lemuria. All you need to do is contact Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe, by emailing her at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm. Provide an expression of interest,  and tell her that you are a member of WordPress (it’s free to join) and she will sign you in to the online Creativity Catalogue and any other Lemurian weblogs you wish to contribute to. Of course, you may not want to do any of this, and that is fine too. You can use this Catalogue as a private workbook and never tell another soul what you are doing in your free time.




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