7. Murmuring Woods


The Murmuring Woods, saturated in mythos and mystery are one of the favourite destinations of Lemurians. It is a place for quiet contemplation and dreaming, a place to be as one with all that nature has to offer. Be warned though, you may be slow coming out of this enchanted realm. There is just so much to see and do here, so many places to visit, such fascinating people to meet. And, if you venture deep within the Murmuring Woods you will find the Enchanted Wood and the famed Faraway Tree. That is a portal to even more magical places such as the Land of Fairy Tales and Baba Yaga.

South Wind Colouring Story

Your Passport


This Catalogue is, quite simply, a passport to Lemuria. All you need to do is contact Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe, by emailing her at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm. Provide an expression of interest, proof of ownership of this Catalogue, (simply quote the serial number of your copy), and tell her that you are a member of WordPress (it’s free to join) and she will sign you in to the online Creativity Catalogue and any other Lemurian weblogs you wish to contribute to. Of course, you may not want to do any of this, and that is fine too. You can use this Catalogue as a private workbook and never tell another soul what you are doing in your free time.



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