3. Serpentine Road

….along with the expectations that drive it, Out has gone responsibility, Into the serpent’s box. Shed for my cyber lifetime.

Back in my real life it has its place. Nothing can dismiss its essential place. To feed and love and…. everything else involving the existence of people I love.

But here I am free from its bonds. Rising on the thin air of a veiled and beckoning freedom, I glance whistfully behind me knowing it will wait for me.

I surrender
The weight of a thousand hurts
Little worry worms
That burrow through my soul
And leave dirty tracks
smeared grudge marks
cockroach droppings
Of grievances that won’t let go.

I surrender
Red faced moments
When I let myself down
When I didn’t live up
To my high opinion of myself.
I surrender
That high opinion.
I have much to learn
and it only gets in the way
Of the light of truth.

by Gail Kavanagh

Embarking down the Serpentine Road

“Through the Portal”
Lori Gloyd (c) 2007
Digital Construction

Before setting out along the Serpentine Road travellers are asked to make a surrender box and leave a serpents skin, something that they need to surrender at the door.

Use the Surrender Box page to show what you are leaving behind. It is totally up to you how you use this page. You can write, draw, cut and paste images from magazines or use child kinder squares to make a collage.

I surrender my fear. In this place and for this journey fear has no power over me. I won’t be a ghost here talking only in whispers. Here I will find my voice strong and clear. One step at a time I will move towards my dreams and leave the nightmares behind. Melody

…my procrastination. Too long I’ve let it rule me. It’s always that I’m too tired, too old, too busy etc. Meanwhile, inspiration has been slipping through my fingers simply because I’ve been too lazy to grasp it. Anyway, there’s no point in dwelling on the past when I have so much to look forward to! There’s no better time than now. Andrea Braga

I surrender my fears – they are so very hard to let go, so much a part of me. I surrender my apathy that makes it so easy to sit and wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. I surrender my procrastination – again – I keep giving this one away and it keeps coming back, bringing some of my fears with it as (unwelcome) house guests. I surrender my self doubts, which go hand in hand with my fears. My, that box is getting full. There is so much to leave here. I want to bury it deeply so it doesn’t try to crawl out of the box and follow me again…Quick, someone else come along and put something on top of it, and let’s see if I can keep all of this buried this time! Jane Wolfinbarger

I came up to the Enchanted Door, and noticed an open box next to it, made of mahogany wood, polished until it shone almost black. On it’s side, written in gold letters, was the word “Surrender”. So, I stood before the Enchanted Door, and asked of it “What do I need to put into the Surrender Box, that you will let me pass?”

Journey the Serpentine Road


Enchanteur meets you on the other side of the door, gives you her bag and points to a gathering of donkeys. One of these donkey’s will guide you along the Serpentine Road to the House of the Serpents where you will face the Gorgons and map your heart. Only the true hearted venture deep in to Lemuria.

Use the Travels with a Donkey pages to depict your meeting and dialogue with the creature who is to guide you. You might take the time to check out the contents of your bag and consider how these might prove helpful on your journey.

Take advantage of your passport and send word on a Raven’s Wing, to the powers that be at Soul Food, and ask to join the ‘Travels With A Donkey’ weblog. It is full of fascinating material about famous donkey’s and their equally famous companions.

The Serpentine Road twists and turns, meandering like a stream, towards the distant hills, within which lie the House of the Serpents. This is your destination.


Complete the following activities as you travel along the Serpentine Road towards the House of the Serpents.

Circus Serpentine Road

The Emporer’s New Clothes

The Ouroboros Way – Rainbow Serpent

Billabong Dreaming – Stream of Mnemosyne

Hamlet of Serpentine – Art Colony

Planting Dream Seeds



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