4. House of the Serpents

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The Serpent has left a five fingered creative message in the heavens above the House of the Serpents

animated spirit
by Heather Blakey

The House of the Serpents is in a valley quite close to Blind Springs. Travellers, responding to the call of the Rainbow Serpent Priestess stay here for extended periods. The Mistress of this house has many faces and she will reveal those in due course.

Honored as deities the snakes of the House of the Serpents are invited to eat with guests. Crawling out from their slumber they lie on the banquet table and make themselves comfortable. After tasting a little from every dish they return to their holes.

This year you are invited to participate in, amongst other things, Festival of the Plumed Serpent.

You watch fascinated as the snakes emerge to join us at the filled banquet table, sample the food and then slither back to their holes. Once the snakes leave you sit down and enjoy the banquet, chatting with everyone, meeting the local resident seated beside you.

The priestess tells you how it is now predestined that everyone who eats from the table will enjoy creative fertility and you marvel at the concept. Custom demands that in return for this gift, in return for being blessed by the snakes, you must perform for the veiled Gorgon who sits on a throne made of red coral. Pandora’s dressing room which is full to overflowing with wigs, hats, costumes, masks and props. Only performers whose voice is authentic not only witness the Gorgon remove one of her masks but are given a piece of wisdom. Be wary Alex! No man has ever lifted the veil that covers her ‘real’ self.

House of Serpents Activities

Gifting the Gorgon

Crawling on Your Belly – Self Examination

The Great Banquet Hall

The Gorgons Mirror

Festival of the Plumed Serpent

Leaving A Creative Hand Print


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