9. Becoming A Raven


At what magical moment does one BECOME a Lemurian Raven who can flit from one Lemurian hideaway to another with ease and grace? Immerse yourself in the site and you will learn that it does not take so very long to gain your feathers.

A Journey Beyond
Aletta Mes
Anita Marie Moscoso


Barbara Farenbach
Billabong Dreaming Each day, when Heather Blakey dreams she sees and hears through Raven’s eye and learns to think like Raven. Each day she takes her divining sticks and walks the landscape of her dreaming, listening, hearing, feeling the vibrations that pulsate and ignite her creativity. Raven is her guide. The landscape of her dreaming is a portal to the world of her ancestors, a conduit for ancient knowing. Here within the landscape of her dreaming live the guardians of Soul Food and Lemuria.

Carol Abel Carol Abel hails originally from the UK but has been resident in the Green heart of Europe (Luxembourg) for the last 22 years.

With a gift for learning foreign languages she is employed by one of the European Union institutions and her work takes her away from home on a regular basis thus providing her with grist for her photograpic mill. She has developed an interest in digital photography and endeavours to use her own photographs as much as possible in her artwork and hopes to be able to master the art of digital collage one day soon.

She is keen on amateur dramatics – both singing and acting and has attended a number of summer schools and has sung with 3 of the local choirs, the last piece being Mozart’s Requiem. Her foreign travels have taken her all over the world thus earning her the nickname ‘Traveller’ when she posts in the Enchanteur blogs.

She “met” Heather in the summer of 2005 and has since been a devotee of all things Soul Food Café-related. She contributes both her own stories and artwork on a regular basis.

If she could wave the Enchanteur’s magic wand it would be to advance the date on which she will cease paid employment and can devote more time to her creative pursuits.

Chefleur’s Caprice
Create Light


Fran Sbrocchi Frances Arnett Sbrocchi sat on the roof of her father’s store watching : She watched the trucks from distant farms. She watched neighbours white wash bellying into the breeze. She watched the steam train coming from the east. In winter her breath made a misty cloud. In summer watched the sun set on the far side of the horizon . One day she knew she would ride to the other side of wide earth. One day she did. Now she is old this poet person writes from a quiet space remembering.

Gail Kavanagh
Gwen Myers
Imogen Crest
Janet Andrews
Lois Daley Lois Daley is the new older woman of this century. Others of a similiar age have perhaps never heard of an old muse or any muse for that matter. Lois knocks around with much younger muses this keeps her on her toes. She is a direct descendant of the Goddess HESTIA ,she of Hearth & Home fame. As Hestias descendant she passes onto all Muses her skills ,they are COMFORT, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, EMPATHY & LOVE. Lois is known locally as the Port Melbourne Muse.

Lori Gloyd – A fifth-generation Californian, Lori J. Gloyd grew up in the Venice/Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles where the multi-cultural diversity and bohemian sensibilities of the area influenced her development as a writer, photographer, and artist. Educated in the Humanities, Lori explores the convergence of history, place, and culture in her creative works, often infusing her pieces with a spirit of otherworldliness. Her short stories, photographs, and digital art appear regularly at the Soul Food Cafe website. Lori currently resides atop an ancient sand dune in the South Bay area of Los Angeles county.

Mari Mann
Patricia Stewart
Peace Bird
Quinn Creative
Random Thoughts
She Wolf
Soul Sister Soul Sister is the mother of 5 beautiful children, wife to a wonderful husband, student of spirituality and mysticism, lover of great literature, and creator of myriad kinds of textiles and related ephemera. No, no — that was a description of Edith!

Soul Sister is Edith’s alter ego, she who calls to her in her dreams, inviting her to dive down into the deepest caverns, the darkest realms of her imagination, and there to find her truest and most authentic being — her original face. And Soul Sister’s Muse? — who else but L’Enchanteur without whom Soul Sister would never have dared to set free her creative spirit.’

Sylvia Kleindinst


Textile Intinerant
The Hoarder’s Daughter
Vi Jones Vi Jones, a transplanted Welsh woman, now lives in the USA. She has never lost the essence of Celtic Wales, which lies deep within her soul. Its mysteries are her mysteries. She considers writing a spiritual pursuit, a therapeutic exercise, and a way of seeing that non writers can never experience.

Winnie Rose Reyes



  1. like the magic area. Join Ravens Wood. Kingdom of magic

  2. Your description of so many gifted artists touched me deeply. That is why all of us — those who believe spirituality is the highest element of the human species — should continue to make our artistry seen, heard and made available for everyone.

    Thanks for your insight,

    michael j

    A Zen Christian from
    Conshohocken, PA USA

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