2. A Step Forward

Your wonderful world of Lemuria has given my creativity wings to soar, challenges to push my creative talents, and a safe place to explore the murmurings of my soul. Thank you for providing this wonderful place!
Shari Vogt


portal by Monika Roleff

She Heard Singing
She heard singing when there were no singers.
She touched starlight in the caves
And glimpsed swift flashes of fairy wings
dancing at the edge of the world.
A breath is all it takes
To pass through
Into undisturbed lands
Of sunlight and mystery.

Departing for Lemuria


The door opens and a vista of Lemuria spreads before you. You cross the stream and pass through a portal.

The veil of mist lifted
for a moment,
just long enough
to see what lies beyond.
And this is what I saw,
just this,
over there,
between the poppies and the stream,
hidden behind the hawthorn tree,
with the wide blue sky
arcing above all
and the spring green grass
growing tall and wild:
A portal opened
and spread out before me
were realms unknown –
always to be so
to any too afraid
to venture on.
But I, the Warrior Goddess,
take my fears
and place them firmly
in front of me
staring them down
with black eyes,
and walk on.
(Soul Sister)


You find yourself standing at another door which leads to Lemuria and the Serpentine Road. There is a box standing next to the door and there is a sign saying you have to surrender a skin here. Will you keep going?

Stepping Through the Portal

Journey of Fire by Monika Roleff
Enchanteur Calling by Barbara Farhenbac
Passing in to another world by Chefleur
The Call by Soul Sister
A Step Forward by Lori Gloyd



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