6. Abbey Alchemy

My bag is fashioned from breath of half remembered dreams and rainbows, magic of watching the fairies on a midsummer evening and soft caresses of angel’s wings, bringing hope and soaring spirit. 

The unicorn has left his image in my heart, angels leave white feathers for my wings, an eternal flame of love lights my path, spectacles show me the way across rock strewn mountains and dream seeds nurture and grow most precious dreams in my heart. My anchor, my blessed anchor travels with me always, keeping the faith and keeping me strong.



When le Enchanteur disguises herself and start wandering around the Abbey with Thor, her faithful Raven, every one can be sure that there is something going on.

Perhaps it is all because Thor has told her that Ravens have been bringing travellers back from the Land of Fairy Tales to Lemuria and dumping them on the Calabar. Enchanteur figures that the Calabar, with Ebony Wilder at the helm, will reach the Abbey before too long.


The Lemurian Abbey by Jane Tilton

The Lemurian Abbey, which lies beyond the Glastonbury Tor, is strictly restricted to members of the Order of Soul Food, to those votaries who have committed themselves to Making Art A Daily Practice and to building The Lemurian Abbey Community. This is not a religious order and welcomes people of any faith.

Before setting out to the far reaches of Lemuria you need to work on the A to Z of Abbey Alchemy. Just click on the individual letters to find the tasks.

A to Z of Alchemy


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