5. Aboard the Calabar


A narrow path winds down, from the House of the Serpents, to the Duwamish coastline. With your bag on your shoulder or on your hip you find yourself standing, dressed in a black cape and a pirates hat, on the Duwamish wharf near an old sailing ship. A small armada of rowing boats and barges, pushed from various points along the Duwamish waterfront are heading towards the anchored boat. Most of these are bumboats, small boats used to take provisions to ships lying a distance from the shore. These boats are owned by local women and are like floating market stalls with piles of fruit and vegetables, baskets of bread and meat, dairy produce, tobacco and liquor and anything else the crew of the Calabar will be likely to buy.

You board the mighty Calabar, which has become a heaving with humanity and, because you have Enchanteur’s bag, you are greeted by Captain Ebony Wilder, the fearless pirate who controls the seven Lemurian Seas. She has a crew member show you to the cabin which will be your home for a few weeks.


This is not quite what you expected when you set out for Lemuria but then nothing in Lemuria is quite what one expects. It seems that before you can stay on Lemurian soil you are indentured to Wilder and have to work on The Calabar. Aside from your deck duties you will be forced to spend time each day, in your cabin, working through a sheet that might rival something that Dame Slap would have created.

In your workbook, show what your cabin on board the Calabar looks like.

Settle in and work on your work sheet. There is no point resisting or you might find yourself dumped on an obscure island in the Lemurian Archipelago with the feared Bog People who are purported to be head hunters. Not a good scene!

Maybe you want to post your work on a blog online. Join the Soul Food Cafe at dailywriting.net, prove you have a copy of the Catalogue, express your dreams and hopes in your application and ‘staff’ will help direct you and sign you in.

Meanwhile, have a browse at what former and current crew have produced for Captain Wilder.

Greeting a New Pirate Wanna Be by Gwen Myers
Opening the Galley by Gwen Myers
Chat on the Foredeck by Gwen Myers
Skeleton Crew by Gwen Myers
Back Aboard Home by Gwen Myers
Red’s On Her Soapbox by Gwen Myers
Bon Voyage by Lori Gloyd
Dinner With the Captain by Lori Gloyd
The Conversation by Lori Gloyd
Sailor’s Log Week 1 by Natz the Ratz
I Look For Him by Natz the Ratz
Zesty the Parrot by Anita Marie Moscoso
Leave Taking by Fran Sbrocchi
Three More Parrots by Fran Sbrocchi
The Parrot Clan by Fran Sbrocchi
Going Aboard the Calabar by Imogen Crest
Haunted Cove by Imogen Crest
Imogen’s Menageri by Imogen Crest
Brainwash Captain’s Knowing by Imogen Crest
Arguing With A Wise Donkey by Imogen Crest
On Maps and Madness by Soul Sister
A New Day A New Dawn by Soul Sister
Setting Sail by Carol Abel
First Night On Board by Janet Andrews
A Fine Bright Morning by Janet Andrews
Dead Man’s Detail by She Wolf
Aboard the Calabar by Bo
Riding with Neptune by Prairie Muse
Heeding Neptune’s Call by Barbara Banta
Flight of Fancy by Carol Abel
Joining the Crew by Vi Jones



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