8. Adventure Far Faraway


Once upon a time, for as long as people have remembered, Far Faraway has existed. Far Faraway is a place filled with refugees from a world that demands they fit in tiny boxes and behave in politically correct ways.

Refugees come from faraway, to Far Faraway, wearing not just school uniforms, but suits and office clothes, for Faraway is not just peopled by children and bored teenagers. It is peopled by folk from all walks of life who have not forgotten the guilty pleasure of disappearing to a place where they can pick their teeth if that is what they feel like doing.

Harry Firth, for example, is the Principal of a very large, exclusive school. Harry works hard to maintain the reputation of Highbury Grammar. He is a very visible Principal who knows all his staff and students by their first name and even does bus duty on Friday afternoons. However, if there is one thing Mr Firth hates it is those regular school council meetings which drag on for hours. The parents of Highbury Grammar do not know that while Harry appears to be listening attentively in the conference room, seems to be taking copious notes, he is actually far faraway in Faraway writing horror stories that involve mayhem, death and destruction.

Penelope Priestly spent thousands of hours in Faraway when she was a little girl. She despised her eldest sister who had a superiority complex and smirked constantly. When Cynthia complained about her coughing at night Penelope found respite in the world of Faraway. In Faraway she could not even hear the drone of that high pitched voice but listened, instead, to Calvin, her cat, who took great pleasure in telling her long, convulted stories about his adventures far faraway. These days, although Penelope heads up a giant corporation, she still manages to find time to slip away to Faraway. She would not cope otherwise. She would have almost certainly slit the throat of the tiresome Manager of Human Resources, or squeezed him till he was purple, if she had not had Faraway to come to.

Testimonials for Faraway are invariably glowing. No one has a bad word to say about the place, mainly because Faraway meets all their secret needs. It is a place to hide, gather strength, let off steam or be the person one cannot be here. In Faraway people wear their alter egos on their sleeves, put on fun costumes and behave like children all day long.

So, if the world is irritating you, if you are tired of doing the same routine things every day, if you have stopped getting daily newspapers, come to Faraway. Become a time snatcher and steal golden time to bask in the joy of a world faraway from the office photocopier, the weekly staff meeting, the sound of a boring teacher’s voice, your wife’s demands, your husband’s annoying conversation. Drift far faraway in to the world of Farway and kill some time browsing, reading and completing the activities without having even a moment’s guilt.

Your Passport


This Catalogue is, quite simply, a passport to Lemuria. All you need to do is contact Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe, by emailing her at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm. Provide an expression of interest, proof of ownership of this Catalogue, (simply quote the serial number of your copy), and tell her that you are a member of WordPress (it’s free to join) and she will sign you in to the online Creativity Catalogue and any other Lemurian weblogs you wish to contribute to. Of course, you may not want to do any of this, and that is fine too. You can use this Catalogue as a private workbook and never tell another soul what you are doing in your free time.


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