3. Up The Faraway Tree

Given that, amongst other adventures in the Land of Fairy Tales, you are going to have to climb the Beanstalk to reach the Land of Giants, le Enchanteur kits you out with a Giant Bag that includes lots of climbing gear. However, the bag does contain some other useful items that you will be sure to need during your time in this very different world.

The bag includes an axe, gourmet bird seed, a costume, a wig, makeup, global positioning device, a copy of Oscar Wild’s ‘The Selfish Giant’,Turkish Delight and a Mars Bar. Wise travellers will have kept their original bags and will still have the packet of dream seeds, spectacles, a candlestick, a tiny anchor, a medallion with the imprint of the Unicorn and a set of wings. Each bag contains something that has been chosen specifically for each recipient.


Carrying your bag you set out on a new adventure. Write about jumping the ditch, entering the Enchanted Woods and finding the Faraway Tree. Perhaps you will meet up with the Angry Pixie, Dame Washalot, Moonface or Saucepan Man.



The Angry Pixie by Heather Blakey

If you are not in to writing you can make a visual presentation or you can do both. It is all up to you. The key is to share your experiences with us.

Everyone is to meet at Silky’s house in the Faraway Tree before climbing up the ladder in to the Land of Fairy Tales. There will be quite a gathering there.


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